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FluorO2 Therapeutics is a US-based spin-off of the British company Perftoran West Ltd. Perftoran West Ltd. previously owned all intellectual property - patents/licensing rights/data - and approvals to the synthetic blood product formerly known as Perftoran. 

Perftoran is a perfluorocarbon nanoemulsion; it is also the only artificial blood approved anywhere in the world: it was approved in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and, between 2005 and 2010, Mexico. Since it was first approved as a blood substitute in 1997, it has been given to over 30,000 people with good results and few side effects.

The US-based company FluorO2 Therapeutics is a Delaware corporation located in Boca Raton, Florida. Under the direction of a US management team, the manufacturing of our raw materials and final product is now being done at GMP compliant facilities in the US. This is a significant move that will allow the company to globalize and expand use of our artificial blood product, in order to begin addressing the worldwide blood shortage. The new product, manufactured entirely in the US, will be rebranded as VIDAPHOR®, meaning life-bearing.  We believe that this new name more accurately conveys what this product is all about.