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The annual blood shortage has been estimated at 200 million units worldwide.  In many places around the world, friends, family and neighbors are called upon to give blood but it often doesn’t arrive in time.  VIDAPHOR® can change that.  VIDAPHOR®, which means life-bearing, is the only approved blood substitute in the world.  As a blood substitute, it can – and has – been given in trauma, acute blood loss/hemorrhage, severe anemia, treatment of sickle cell disease, recovery from chemotherapy, and other medical situations.

VIDAPHOR® is completely synthetic; it is not hemoglobin-based.  Because it is synthetic, it can be given to anyone and does not need to be matched to blood type before administration, saving precious time and resources.  It also virtually eliminates the possibility of viral transmission, which still occurs in parts of the world as a result of inadequate screening of donors.  

Unlike blood, which has a shelf-life of 4-6 weeks, VIDAPHOR® has a shelf life of several years when stored frozen, significantly reducing wastage.

Other perfluorocarbon emulsions have had their share of problems, largely safety related, that have led to termination of their development.  VIDAPHOR® does not share many of these same problems, primarily because it has the smallest particle size of any of the perfluorocarbons developed to date.  Our average particle size is 0.07 microns, three times smaller than that of Oxycyte or Oxygent, both of which had a mean particle size of 0.2 microns.  These products were associated with thrombocytopenia; Oxycyte was associated with profound thrombocytopenia, which would be very undesirable if the product was being given for hemorrhage or traumatic brain injury.  VIDAPHOR® is not associated with thrombocytopenia.