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In addition to artificial blood, the company has a number of other products ready for registration or in the final stages of development.

OPTIFLUOR®- a product for use in vitreoretinal surgery. The product may be used in a variety of procedures including retinal detachment, proliferative vitreoretinopathy, opacity of vitreous body, dislocation of the ocular lens in the vitreous chamber of the eye, presence of intraocular foreign body, detachment of vascular membrane and endoresection of neoplasms of the retina. Although similar preparations are available commercially, we believe that we can offer our product at a more competitive price.

VIZATION-19® - A contrast material that allows for molecular visualization in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) on nucleus 19F. The high magnetic resonance of 19-Fluorine and negligible endogenous 19F MRI signal from the body (and thus lack of background noise signal) makes it ideal for use in MRI as it provides an extremely high contrast-to-noise ratio and specificity.

VENOFLUX® - A product for the treatment of acute, chronic and critical limb ischemia from any etiology.

ARDAREX® - A product for treatment of severe burns.